Restore Your Vehicle's Condition with Our First-Rate Car Repairs in Sidmouth, Devon

Driving around in a damaged vehicle is only going to cause more problems in the long run. At our vehicle maintenance centre, East Devon Garage Ltd, in Sidmouth, Devon, our trained experts are specialists in a wide range of car repairs. Thanks to our unmatched solutions, you can gain peace of mind knowing that you're in control of a safe vehicle.

Tyre Change

Wide-Ranging Car Repairs

Here at East Devon Garage Ltd, we expertly offer an assortment of repairs. Catering to your needs at all times, many of the repairs we cover include:

• Brake Repairs
• Tyre and Coolant Systems
• Oil Changes
• Electrical and Ignition Systems
• Transmission and Exhaust
• Fuel Systems
• Wheel Alignments
•  Clutch Replacements 

Get in Touch with Us

Whenever you're in need of our professional assistance, simply get in touch to find out how we're able to help you. We'll always book you in at a date and time that suits you. After checking the car over, we can advise you on what is wrong. Though we have a rate for £37 per hour, we can offer a fixed quote for the job as well. All of the high-quality parts we use are supplied by ourselves and come with a 2-year warranty. The garage we work in has the latest technology to cater to all electrical systems in your vehicle.

Providing a Courtesy Car

When your vehicle is in our garage receiving repairs, we're able to provide you with a courtesy car. We currently hold two cars and a van which are available for you to take. If you are taking one of our courtesy cars, the following conditions apply (unless otherwise agreed with a written confirmation):

• You must ensure that the vehicle we have supplied to you is fully insured for you to drive on the road.
• We provide no insurance whatsoever, which is why any damage that occurs to the courtesy car while in your possession is your responsibility.

Contact our vehicle maintenance centre today, in Sidmouth, Devon, to discover more about our first-class car repairs.