Vehicle Servicing Carried Out by Skilled Specialists in Sidmouth, Devon

Safety behind the wheel is of the utmost importance to us here at East Devon Garage Ltd. Based in Sidmouth, Devon, our trained engineers reliably provide vehicle servicing and car maintenance, making sure that you're safe while on the road. Regular, preventative maintenance will save you money as well as your life.

Regular Maintenance Checks

Though an MOT is a legal requirement once a year, having your vehicle maintained just as often will keep its condition to a high quality. We offer tailored servicing to you from oil and filter change to full dealer book service upon request. Here are some reasons as to why and how regular checks can save you in the long run:

• Extends engine life and performance.
• Helps reduce fuel consumption.
• Avoids unnecessary wear through lubrication of moving parts.
• Helps prevent costly break downs.
• For safety, brakes need regular inspection.
• Reduces the potential for damage and failure of major components.
• Checks the road worthiness of lights and other controls.
• Regular check of tyre pressures and condition helps to reduce excessive wear and avoid premature failure.
• Reduces the risk of accident through regular inspection of critical safety items.

Diagnostic Machine

Checking Brakes

Carrying Out Minor Services

This essential, regular service maintains lubricant and fluid levels, together with an inspection of brakes, exhaust, steering, suspension, and other essential safety items. Your vehicle is then road tested before you receive a written, detailed report. A check or inspection may reveal the need for additional parts to be replaced at extra cost. Key items of the service are:

• Change Engine Oil & Filter
• Check Brakes
• Check Exhaust
• Check Transmission
• Check Tyres & Pressures
• Check All Lights
• Battery Test & Printed Report 
• Check Windscreen Wipers & Washers
• Safety Inspection, Road Test, & Written Report
• Check (External) Engine Belts & Hoses
• Check and Top Up All Oils & Fluids
• Check Steering & Suspension

• Improves the Resale Value of Your Car with Documented, Regular Service History

Completing a Major Service

This extensive, major service includes an analysis of the engine management system. A check or inspection may reveal the need for additional parts to be replaced at extra cost. If this is the case, we will advise on what needs to be done. East Devon Garage Ltd can also include an engine flush treatment to maximise the effectiveness of your oil change and a fuel treatment to help clean the fuel system and improve performance and economy. Key items checked are:

• Change Engine Oil and Filter
• Check and Top Up All Oils and Fluids
• Check Brakes
• Check Exhaust
• Check Transmission
• Check Steering and Suspension
• Check (External) Engine Belts and Hoses
• Check All Lights
• Check Tyres and Pressures
• Battery Test and Printed Report
• Pressure Test Cooling System and Test Coolant Condition
• Test Brake Fluid Condition
• Check (External) Air and Fuel Filters
• Replace (Standard) Spark Plugs
• Includes Fuel Additive and Engine Flush Treatments
• Safety Inspection, Road Test, and Written Report
• Check Windscreen Washers and Replace (Standard)
   Front Wiper Inserts

Contact us today, in Sidmouth, Devon, to find about more about vehicle servicing and car maintenance.